Hobe Sound’s Burt Reynolds to auction off another Trans-Am

“Mustachioed silver screen legend Burt Reynolds keeps unloading his memorabilia,” according to The Wrap. “The movie star is auctioning off his very own 1978 Pro-Touring Firebird Trans-Am. It’s the actor’s signature car — … Click here to read more

Burt Reynolds and The Bandit: Documentary chronicles the making of a classic

“[Hobe Sound’s] Burt Reynolds is a megastar. But he may never have been that way without stunt man-turned-director Hal Needham,” according to The Austin Chronicle. “As Reynolds’ longtime double for all those hair-raising, life-threatening leaps and fights, he made Reynolds look like a badass … Click here to read more

Hobe Sound’s Burt Reynolds now listed on National Enquirer’s Celebrity Death Watch

Hobe Sound’s Burt Reynolds joined the list of “The National Enquirer’s Celebrity Death Watch, a daunting dozen who dodged Death as they head into 2016. The list also includes Kirk Douglas, Cher, Doris Day, Regis Philbin, among others. The ’70s heartthrob tumbled in a terrifying coronary collapse … Click here to read more

Burt Reynolds names ‘a-holes’ in newly released book: Ex-wife Loni Anderson’s one of them

“Longtime Hobe Sound resident Burt Reynolds is ‘calling out the assholes’ he can’t forgive and is making amends for ‘being the asshole myself’ in his new memoir scheduled to be released November 17”, according to Gossip Extra. “At 79 and nearly broke, the former sex symbol penned But Enough About Me: A Memoir to set the record straight . Here’s a cringe-worthy excerpt: … Click here to read more

Vanity Fair: Burt Reynolds isn’t broke, but he’s got a few regrets (including Sally Field)

One of Martin County’s most famous residents is profiled in December’s Vanity Fair: “He’s lost a step or two. ‘Or five,’ he says. At times, his hands tremble. He leans his spindly frame on a black cane. He never once rises from the sofa…Reynolds still can’t believe he blew it with Sally Field, whom he terms the ‘love of my life’… He’s got a girlfriend, Rhonda Stearns, a local woman he’s known for years… … Click here to read more

Burt Reynolds pays off divorce debt to ex-wife Loni Anderson — 17 years after judgment

The “Smokey and the Bandit” star, who’s 79, recently sold his Hobe Sound home for $3.3 million earlier this month then used $150,000 from the proceeds to pay off the lien that “WKRP in Cincinnati” hottie Anderson still had on the property, according to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra … Click here to read more

Burt Reynolds finally unloads Hobe Sound home to ex-WXEL boss Charles Modica

“Burt got $3.3 million, according to MLS real estate records, a fraction of the $15 million he originally asked for. But here’s the best part for the aging superstar: Reynolds gets to stay in the house that’s been his for 35 years for as long as he pays rent,” according to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra … Click here to read more

Hobe Sound’s Burt Reynolds: ‘Friends fear Hollywood legend could have just weeks to live…’

“Friends fear Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds could have just weeks to live as he battles health and money woes,” according to The National Enquirer. “The 79-year-old ‘Deliverance’ star looked startlingly frail, and hobbled along with a cane during a rare appearance … Click here to read more

Burt Reynolds’ second ‘Bandit’ Pontiac Trans Am sells for $170K

From Motor Authority: “But didn’t (Hobe Sound’s) Reynolds just sell a Bandit Trans Am a few months ago? He did, and received a cool $450,000 for it in an auction that included several memorabilia items from the actor. Though $170K is nothing to sneeze at … Click here to read more

Burt Reynolds: ‘I’ve got another Bandit in me!’

“Five months after financially troubled Burt Reynolds sold at auction a supposedly unique 1977 Trans Am ($450K) used in his ‘Smokey and The Bandit,’ the Hobe Sound movie star is putting another one up on the block,” according to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra. “The car will be auctioned Friday, April 24 … Click here to read more

People: Exclusive look at Burt Reynolds’ upcoming memoir

“In his memoir ‘But Enough About Me’, screen legend [and longtime Martin County homeowner] Burt Reynolds tells about his life and and his famous loves, including Dinah Shore, Sally Field and ex-wife Loni Anderson. … Click here to read more