RIP Barbara Bush, former First Lady who often visited Jupiter Island

[Former President George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, bought a home on Jupiter Island in the 1960s, and former First Lady Barbara Bush often visited.  It’s a place where the family vacationed for decades and where Dorothy Walker Bush lived for part of the year until near her death at 91 years old in 1992. Here from The New York Times Archive, a 1988 Maureen Dowd column details a JI visit:] … Click here to read more

NY Daily News: Tough love as Barbara Bush throws cold water on Jeb Bush presidency

Motherly love can be tough love. Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush got a dose of the latter when former First Lady Barbara Bush threw cold water on the idea of a third Bush winning the White House in 2016. … Click here to read more