ABC: Claims to make a fortune off medical marijuana stocks in Florida

“This advertisement popped up on the Yahoo website in hopes of getting you to look into ‘the Green Gold Rush.’ The three sentences point out, ‘If you’ve never invested, now’s the time to start….This is the last legal way for the little guy to grow rich … Click here to read more

ABC: Prosecutors seek new trial for Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, former Loblolly resident

Whether Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel should get a new trial or be sent back to prison for a 1975 murder is going before Connecticut’s highest court. (Former Loblolly resident) Skakel, a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy’s widow, Ethel, was freed … Click here to read more

ABC: Leprosy cases are on the rise in Florida, armadillos may be to blame

“Armadillos are the only animal to carry leprosy, a bacterial disease that affects the skin and nerves, according to the Center for Disease Control. Past reported cases include one in Martin County in 2013 … Click here to read more