Syrian refugee vote divides Treasure Coast’s Murphy from most Dems seeking his seat

Said Murphy: “With new security considerations following the tragic and cowardly attacks in Paris last week, we must ensure that we have the strongest safeguards to certify refugees are not a threat to homeland security. This bill ensures that our entire intelligence community is on the same page without turning our backs on those fleeing violence and terror. We must put aside partisan differences to develop a comprehensive strategy that combats the threat ISIS poses to people who love freedom everywhere.” (Source: The Palm Beach Post)


From The Palm Beach Post: Last week’s U.S. House vote to impose tighter restrictions on refugees from Syria offered a reminder of the challenge Democrats face as they seek a candidate with the crossover appeal of Rep. Patrick Murphy in a Palm Beach County-Treasure Coast swing district.

Murphy, who’s leaving the District 18 seat to run for the Senate in 2016, was one of 47 Democrats who bucked President Barack Obama and voted for the Republican refugee bill. Four of the five Democrats running to replace Murphy positioned themselves against the bill.

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