SWAT Team arrests convicted felon on Indian Street: Suspect selling drugs and machine gun

“J-Rock”, is back behind bars with a sixteenth felony conviction looming over his head. (Source: MCSO)

From MCSO: 41-year old Jerry Lee Marshall, AKA Jerry Lee White, AKA “J-Rock”, is not allowed to possess an uzi, but he did. He also shouldn’t be selling heroin and crack cocaine, but he was. Now, “J-Rock”, is back behind bars with a sixteenth felony conviction looming over his head.

The Martin County Sheriff’s SWAT Team along with Special Investigations Detectives served a search warrant on Marshall’s home located at 3024 SE Indian Street. The arrest stems from a tip about suspected drug activity taking place at the home, specifically involving Marshall. Following an investigation and controlled narcotics buys, detectives successfully executed the warrant early this morning.

Days prior, as detectives were conducting surveillance on the home, they observed “J-Rock” completing a transaction with an unknown visitor. Marshall was seen handing the visitor a bag. That bag contained an uzi belonging to Marshall. Marshall told detectives he was trying to sell the gun to earn some extra cash. The man who acccepted the gun claims he did not know Marshall was a 15-time convicted felon.

Inside the home, detectives also found heroin, drug paraphernalia and buprenorphine. Marshall was taken into custody. He was also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His bond is $71,500.

This is another successful arrest prompted by a tip from the community. We would like to thank our citizens for their continued efforts to help us stop the sale and distribution of dangerous and addictive drugs on our streets. #Relentless #MoveThoseDrugsOut

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