Sunshine State News on HB 703: Martin County vs. Jimmy Patronis?

Nancy Smith (Source: Sunshine State News)

Former editor and controversial columnist at The Stuart News, Nancy Smith, now executive editor at The Sunshine State News, details her opinion on Martin County and House Bill 703: House Bill 703 is not a popular bill in some South Florida counties. But in Martin County, where agriculture interests are akin to estuary green slime, the ruling class puts the bill in a special category of disrepute.

…These folks take HB 703 personally. They believe the Panama City Republican produced all 14 parts of the proposed legislation — “an act relating to environmental regulation” — because landowners suing Martin County told him to.

…Donna Melzer, an attorney up to her eyeballs in lawsuits against the county since she was voted out of office in 2000, after one commission term, got the ball rolling in January with a letter to the County Commission.

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