‘Comp Plan mayhem in Martin County is largely hush-hush’

Nancy Smith (Source: Sunshine State News)

Former editor and controversial columnist at The Stuart News, Nancy Smith, now executive editor at The Sunshine State News, details her views on proposed amendments to The Martin County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan:

… changes to Martin County’s comprehensive plan are not law and cannot become law until the four stakeholder lawsuits challenging them are settled. Got that?

I still predict that in the end, this county will do what it always does when the no-growth contingent is in charge and litigating: It will win a couple of minor concessions in a settlement and throw a handful of happy hokum at the people of Martin County … “By fighting to keep their county special, taxpayers saved umpteen thousands of dollars and preserved the Martin County quality of life.”  I can just hear them.

Meanwhile, they’ll be lighter in the wallet and what will their money have bought?

For the complete column: http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/comp-plan-mayhem-martin-county-largely-hush-hush

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