Stuart’s Lyric Theatre facelift: new seating, walls, and remodeled lobby

The Lyric Theatre seats 500 and has a 22’X30′ stage and features whisper-perfect acoustics. This grand old theatre represents a colorful history in our community as a central gathering place for young and old alike. (Source: The Lyric Theatre)

The Lyric Theatre underwent an extensive facelift with all new seating in the orchestra section, new walls, and a completely remodeled lobby. Executive Director, John Loesser, explained it this way, “Every improvement we’ve made was to help make The Lyric a more comfortable and elegant facility. For those who know New York, we turned the Fillmore into Carnegie Hall.” 

The Lyric’s lobby has a brand new bar, full large glass doors at the entrances, more box office windows, and better lighting. “It’s like a new theater,” said Loesser “but it’s still The Lyric we all know and love. We have the same number of seats in the same locations; it will be the same intimate experience to enjoy a show, only with a look that will make you feel warm and comfortable.”In addition to all the cosmetic improvements The Lyric made, they have added a new line array sound system, a digital sound board, and a 9-foot concert Steinway piano.
“It’s a classy renovation that was tastefully done,” said Mike Braid, of Stuart, who frequents the theater. “I was afraid it was going to takeaway from the charm of this almost 100-year-old structure, but it didn’t. The now more modern lobby blends in and doesn’t clash with the character of the building.”

The building was built in 1926 and was a silent movie house until the Depression, when it closed and was sold and bought several times.

In 1987, it was remodeled to become The Lyric.

What’s new at The Lyric?

Entrance: The doors are now clear glass, allowing more light into the lobby, making it seem bigger. The old doors were 1970s aluminum doors.

Carpet: The old carpet with designs has been replaced with a simpler, solid brown carpet.

Walls: The walls have been smoothed from their rough texture.

Box office: The box office has moved to the main entrance that faces Flagler Avenue.

Bar: A professional bar has replaced the older one, and has moved closer to the second entrance on Osceola Street.

Seats: The seats have been replaced with new ones with cupholders.

Lights: Aisle lights now light the way for guests.

Structure: The columns have been repaired.

Ceilings: The ceiling in the auditorium is darker, giving the illusion that it disappears.

Sound system: A new system provides better sound.

The Lyric Theatre

Where: 59 S.W. Flagler Ave., Stuart

Tickets and Information:; 772-286-7827

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