Stuart City Commissioner Tom Campenni resigns

Tom Campenni: “I want to make it perfectly clear that I deny the allegations of the city manager.”

From Tom Campenni: I have some sad news to report to you. Once again I find myself in political trouble for trying to be your eyes and ears at City Hall. It is not always easy to make sure that the everyday citizen’s interest is being protected. At this stage in my life, I did not become an elected official to become a professional politician, to have the title of commissioner, or to make headlines.

Unfortunately, I have now become the story. This is something I never wanted to see. I wanted to make the City a better place. I wanted to make sure that Stuart had a future as a municipality and as a vital city. That goal apparently must threaten a few people because they have really gone out of their way to prevent me from doing what is best for you — the taxpayers and residents of Stuart.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I deny the allegations of the city manager. It is ludicrous to believe that he, a veteran law enforcement officer, is terrified of someone who is 20 years older and 70 pounds lighter. What is even more ridiculous is his assertion that a person who is the chief executive of a multi-million dollar enterprise, the City of Stuart, is not to be questioned in how he manages and the amount of time he spends doing so by the people to whom he reports, the commission. Apparently a majority of the commission must also believe that. 

As one who has always been a champion of not wasting taxpayer dollars, I can’t justify the City spending more thousands of dollars on investigations when our lowest-paid employees are told there are no funds to give them an increase. As you may remember, I voted against the budget citing that for one of the reasons.

Therefore, I am going to resign as your commissioner. It is apparent to me that I can serve the city’s interest better as a private citizen than I can by remaining with the constraints of office. I intend to continue with my newsletter, blog and shine a light in other ways on what some people would rather keep under a rock. Change must sometimes be done not from within but from the outside.

I want to thank you for your support for these past few years. I will continue to serve all our interest as a private citizen.

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