St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant has sucked in over 4100 sea turtles in past decade


Xander, a subadult loggerhead, is just one of these many turtles. In August, he was found tangled up in fishing line and wounded in the canal. After being rescued, Xander was given antibiotics and underwent orthopedic surgery. After treatment, he was released back into the wild on March 31, according to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. (Source:

From Over the past decade, over 4,100 sea turtles — averaging to more than a turtle a day — have been sucked into the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant on Hutchinson Island, resulting in injuries and even deaths, TCPalm reported.

Since the plant opened in 1976, about 16,000 turtles, mainly the threatened loggerhead and endangered green, have been affected.

Data on how many are killed is lacking but in 2001, 0.8% of the 8,832 turtles who entered the pipes died from the journey, according to TCPalm.

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