Sneak attack: selling out Martin County’s parks, beaches, public lands and natural resources

Sherlock continues, “The agenda item — Item 8A1 on Tuesday’s BOCC agenda — is written in a form of bureaucratese for which there is no Rosetta Stone or Berlitz translation available. The purpose of the program is to ‘harvest heretofore untapped revenue from the intrinsic and derived value of Parks & Recreation Department tangible and intangible assets, properties, facilities, features, services and capabilities.'”

She details that Parks Director Kevin Abbate (formerly of Broward County) wants to “catalog heretofore untapped intrinsic and derived revenue opportunities associated with Parks & Recreation Department assets, properties, facilities, features, services and capabilities” and to “establish the value of the items enumerated in the above catalog” and “devise innovative and precedent setting means for harvesting the value in the aforementioned catalog.”

Sherlock helps to decipher this proposal:

  • Selling advertising, including billboards and signs of either print or electronic design, to be placed within our parks and recreational facilities
  •  Selling “sponsorship” opportunities, such as allowing a company or an individual to name a park or a building in exchange for money
  • Accepting goods or services in exchange for publicly promoting the name of the provider
  •  Allowing County staff to solicit payments from individuals, businesses, and organizations.

View the entire agenda item at:

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