See dox here: Important new filing based on juror misconduct in Maggy Hurchalla trial

Link to: Filed Motion to Relinquish Jurisdiction


From the Motion to Relinquish Jurisdiction: Specifically, Hurchalla has discovered that the jury foreperson deliberately concealed: (1) two guilty pleas for violating environmental laws; (2) that his very substantial business is located and operated in Colorado, not Florida; and (3) that he and his family do not reside in Florida, but rather have lived in Colorado for many years.

The juror’s non-disclosure of his environmental crimes and his business location warrant a new trial under the standard set forth by the Florida Supreme Court in De La Rosa v. Zequeira, 659 So. 2d 239 (Fla. 1995), because the juror’s perspective on environmental issues and the location of his business were relevant and material to this case, and the juror intentionally hid these material facts despite questions that should have elicited them if honestly answered.

To view the complete document: Filed Motion to Relinquish Jurisdiction

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