UPI: Scuba diver sues after getting sucked into St Lucie nuclear power plant


A scuba diver was sucked into an underwater intake pipe and ended up inside the St. lucie nuclear power plant on Hutchinson Island.

A scuba diver in Florida is suing Florida Power & Light after he was sucked into a quarter-mile-long pipe that took him inside the St. Lucie nuclear power plant.

“I swam right up to this big structure and it looks like a building underwater. I felt a little bit of current. All of a sudden it got a little quicker and I said, ‘this ain’t right, this ain’t right,'”…

For the complete story and video: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2016/03/07/Scuba-diver-sues-after-getting-sucked-into-nuclear-power-plant-in-Florida/8731457381525/

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