Sacrificing two kayaks and a Toyota for free speech


Maggy Hurchalla, right, a former Martin County commissioner, spoke out against the county deal with Lake Point Restoration, a mining company owned by billionaire George Lindemann Jr., left, and wound up being sued by the company, which claimed she had interfered with a legal contract. The jury agreed.(Source: The Tampa Bay Times)

From The Tampa Bay Times: Maggy Hurchalla joked this spring that all she could offer a billionaire who won a $4.4 million judgment against her after she exercised her free speech rights were “two kayaks and an aging Toyota.’’

The billionaire didn’t laugh.

This week, Martin County sheriff’s deputies armed with a court order seized the 14-year-old car and the kayaks — the only property owned by the 77-year-old sister of late Attorney General Janet Reno. 

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