Rolling Stone details St. Lucie’s Hadley murders: ‘…killing time at the mall in Stuart…’

Tyler Hadley (Source: Rolling Stone)

Rolling Stone’s December issue details the shocking story of a St. Lucie County teen, his wild house party, and two grisly murders.

…there was absolutely nothing else going on in Port St. Lucie. There never was anything going on in Port St. Lucie. The city, 40 miles north of West Palm Beach, was a tomb, designed for the soon-to-be-entombed. It had half a dozen golf courses, twice as many assisted-living homes, seven funeral homes, two bingo halls and a shuffleboard club. There was no access to the beach, no downtown, and no place for teenagers to hang out at night other than a giant arcade called Superplay USA, which advertises itself as a State-of-the-Art Family Playground. Even the parks were closed at night. Mike and his friends had already spent three hours killing time at the mall in Stuart, 20 minutes down the coast, and another hour at McDonald’s. So they figured they might as well check out the Hadley party…

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