Republican Club’s candidate forum answers questions in County Commission District 1 race

Candidates for Martin County Commission District 1, hosted by Republican Club of Martin County: (left) Doug Smith, Dr. Tom Fullman, Henry Copeland.

One of those questions, asked by Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM) President David Shore: “As a result of the unprecedented growth we have seen at Witham Field and the resulting noise, what would you as a candidate propose as a solution to enforcing the voluntary curfew at the airport?” 

Shore detailed the candidates’ responses in an email sent to Candidate Henry Copeland:

[Incumbent Commissioner] Mr. Smith responded to the question by saying there was nothing we could do (not true) because we are controlled by the FAA;  and then proceeded to tell the audience how wonderful the airport  is.

[Candidate] Mr. Fullman responded to the question referring to the Boca airport as a good model that Witham could use as a guide for better enforcement.

You on the other hand, chose in your answer, to criticize the WAAM organization. In your response you stated: “it is too bad that WAAM is such an adversarial organization”  

This was clearly an unnecessary and undeserved comment. As a candidate for District 1 that WAAM supported in 2008, you certainly should know we are a grass roots organization that has fought over 12 years to control airport growth and to protect the residents of  Martin County.  If you choose to define organizations that protect our residents as adversarial, then I expect you would apply the same definition to such fine organizations as the Martin County Conservation Alliance, the Consensus, the Jensen Beach Group and the Guardians among others.

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