Public advisory: Researchers to conduct surveys on nesting sea turtles on Martin County beaches

PLI team members conducted nightly monitoring of 6.4 km of Hutchinson Island beaches to locate and document leatherback nest locations for the Martin County Beach Nourishment Project. PLI staff also worked along 4.5 km of the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge to relocate nests in anticipation of the St. Lucie Inlet Maintenance Dredging Project. (Source: PLI)

The public is advised that through the month of May, researchers from Project

Leatherback, Inc. will be on Martin County beaches at night studying nesting

leatherback turtles. This team of sea turtle researchers has been permitted by the Florida

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The public is advised these researchers

will be using ATVs to conduct the surveys.

The surveys will take place from 9:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. During these hours, residents and

visitors may encounter these researchers utilizing ATVs driven at or below the most

recent high tide line.

The ATVs will bear signs that read “sea turtle research” and researchers will wear a tshirt

stating the same. Researchers will also be carrying identification, cell phones,

research permits and a pamphlet detailing the work.

Martin County knows the importance of sea turtle nesting on local beaches and is

supportive of this research.

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