Preserve Martin County reminder: Extreme Water Park vote on May 8

From Preserve Martin County’s website blog entry:
The Extreme Water Park (wake park) has gained itself a hefty fanbase (most from outside of Martin County). They are lobbying OUR elected officials hard to lure them into changing the growth rules. If they succeed in convincing OUR Commissioners to change the Urban Service Boundary – there is no going back! 
It may start small, but once you allow sprawl, sprawl consumes it ALL!.
You see, seemingly simple zoning changes carry profound consequences. Surrounding landowners use them to seek permits for bigger developments and higher and greater densities. Out goes quiet rural regions and relaxing drives like Bridge Road. In comes more traffic, more lights, more crowds and MUCH LESS quality of life. You can welcome Hobe Grove, and any other development that wants to park itself in Martin County.
Martin County residents must tell OUR commissioners that we oppose sprawl and changing the Urban Service Boundary. Let’s especially let Commissioner Patrick Hayes know, as he said he would listen and respect the wishes of his constituents.
Don’t wait until it is too late to make a difference –ACT NOW – before May 8th!
EMAIL, WRITE or CALL – do whatever it takes to stop sprawl.  Be respectful but be persistent and represent the voices of Martin County–not those who live outside our area, don’t vote here and don’t understand what makes this place so special: Commissioner Doug Smith: 221-2359 / Commissioner Ed Fielding: 288-5421 / Commission Patrick Hayes: 221-2357 / Commissioner Sarah Heard: 221-2358 / Commissioner Ed Ciampi: 221-1357 /
Do we really want to be like Palm Beach County– where according to Forbes Magazine West Palm Beach is rated 4th most miserable city in the US?
Simply reply to this message with your disapproval and we will make sure your County Commissioner hears your “NO – Sprawl” vote!
To view the Preserve Martin County website:

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