Pouting, shouting and staff insubordination disturb Martin’s political peace

County Administrator Taryn Kryzda is the chief administrative officer of the County in charge of overseeing day-to-day operations. (Source: Martin County Board of County Commissioners)

The Post’s award-winning writer Sally Swartz provides a must-read blog entry with revealing insights on Martin’s political scene: Some wonder if County Administrator Taryn Kryzda, whose sweetheart contract with the old majority gives her a year’s pay if she’s fired without cause before 2017, isn’t deliberately trying to get sacked. On Tuesday, several public speakers questioned Ms. Kryzda’s actions. “Our county administrator is either incompetent or…insubordinate and trying to make our elected commissioners look foolish,” Jensen Beach resident Myra Galoci said. “How dare she!”

For the complete story:http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/opinionzone/2013/01/11/pouting-shouting-and-staff-insubordination-disturb-martins-political-peace/

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