ACTION ALERT AUGUST 29: Please exercise your right to vote in Tuesday’s election




From airport watchdog David Shore: You decide on whether or not to approve a 1% increase in the sales tax in Martin County. Instead of 6% the sales tax will be 7%. It only takes a few minutes to vote so please take the time to vote.

A lot of folks don’t realize that this increase will translate into a substantial increase in your yearly expenses. 

If you calculate how much you spend over the year on all taxable goods, the 1% is a substantial hit. And to date, the county has not clearly defined where the increased taxes will go. I for one, am tired of giving the BOCC a blank check to spend our money on whatever “whim” they have. I am also concerned that we turned down the increase in a previous election and the BOCC decided to hold a “special” election despite that we voted no at the last election. That has to be more than a little unsettling to most of us.

Finally, if you don’t votethat will translate into a yes vote as almost happened when the increase in taxes last appeared on the ballot.

Please vote NO today to increase our taxes.

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