PBPost: Politics swamps water agency chief Melissa Meeker

Melissa Meeker has resigned as South Florida Water Management’s executive director. She gave no reason for her decision. (Source: Palm Beach Post)

From The Palm Beach Post’s Sally Swartz: Many on the Treasure Coast hoped Ms. Meeker’s knowledge and political skills would help her change things for the better once she was in a place of power. Instead, she seemed to become entangled in the system.

…The idealistic young marine biologist many remember, the one who planned to “balance politics and common sense” and simply protect the environment, survives only in the memories of people who knew Ms. Meeker a long time ago.

For the complete blog entry: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/opinionzone/2013/05/24/politics-swamps-water-agency-chief-melissa-meeker/

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