PBPost: Hobe Grove case may help decide who controls local growth management

(Map source: Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council)

Award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger Sally Swartz asks:  Can Martin County residents control growth and development in their community through their comprehensive growth management plan, approved by their elected representatives?

Or do developers such as Hobe Grove and the real estate market get to decide how and where the county grows?

Plans for Hobe Grove call for 4,300 homes and 4.6 million square feet of space for business and education on 2,800 acres south of Bridge Road, and west of Florida’s Turnpike. Martin’s growth plan designates the land for agricultural use, not development.

For the complete entry:http://opinionzone.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2014/10/05/hobe-grove-case-may-help-decide-who-controls-local-growth-management/

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