PBPost: Fight over fate of ‘The Thing” in Hobe Sound neighborhood continues

A view of the “modular home” from Apollo Street  (Source: Palm Beach Post)


From Sally Swartz, award-winning blogger at The Palm Beach Post: After six months, the case of residents vs. The Thing in Zeus Park continues, but officials say a recent ruling could have “far reaching consequences for Martin County and beyond.”

The Thing looks like a double-wide trailer, but the state classifies it as a “modular home.” Owners Stuart and Jane Greenberg parked it in Hobe Sound’s residential Zeus Park neighborhood last October, and placed it on a flimsy foundation of cement blocks. Neighbors of the $40,000 structure, many of whom jumped through hoops following county rules to build much more expensive conventional homes nearby, were appalled. They posted protest signs — one said “This is Zeus Park, not Zeus Trailer Park” — beside The Thing.

For the complete entry: http://opinionzone.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2014/05/18/fight-over-fate-of-the-thing-in-hobe-sound-neighborhood-continues/

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