PBPost: Federal rail official blasts All Aboard Florida’s safety commitment for passenger railroad

A federal railroad official has recommended four-quadrant gates at 27 crossings in Palm Beach and Martin counties before All Aboard Florida can run high-speed rail along the tracks. Making the railroad pay for the desired level of safety improvements could cost it $47 million more than it had planned. (Source: Palm Beach Post)

The $47 million question: Just how safe should the FEC corridor be when All Aboard Florida starts running express passenger service between Miami and Orlando?

The Federal Railroad Administration’s High-Speed Rail Division wants to hold the railroad to “sealed corridor” level of safety guidelines, specifically in the area from West Palm Beach and northward where trains can go up to 110 mph.

The key word is “guidelines,” according to a report by engineer Frank Frey.

“In my professional opinion, I respectfully disagree with the Project’s approach in that they are not exercising appropriate safety practices and reasonable care when designing for High Speed Passenger Rail service,” Frey said in a report dated March 20 and recently shared with local planning officials.

For the complete story: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/business/federal-rail-official-blasts-all-aboard-floridas-s/nfS39/

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