PBPost: Big money mocking Martin Commision races

“Here’s the strategy for anonymous big money (think sugar industry, King Ranch, Lake Point and other development interests) to promote candidates in Martin County: Pick a couple of unknown women and spend a ton of money through out-of-county Realtor political action committees selling them to voters and attacking their opponents.”

Sally Swartz, award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger, asks: Can big money influence the outcome of a county commission election with lying mailers, robocalls and online videos? Or are Martin voters too well-informed to be influenced by such tactics?

Both [incumbent Commissioners] Heard and Fielding have worked and fought hard to clean up the rivers, worked for responsible growth and to save residents money.

Like it or not, irresponsible attack ads from hard-to-trace big money sources are part of today’s political landscape. We’ll soon learn if they work in Martin County.

I hope not.

For the complete entry: http://opinionzone.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2014/08/17/big-money-mocking-martin-commission-races/

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