Palm City explosion confirmed to be a BHO (Butane Hash Oil) lab

The explosion occurred at a townhouse at 3395 Sunset Trace Circle in Palm City. (Source: MCSO)


Martin County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Detectives have determined the cause of an explosion that happened at a townhouse inside the community of Sunset Trace in Palm City.


The man inside the home initially told firefighters he was cooking creme’ brulee when the explosion happened. He sustained serious burns to his lower body and was flown to a burn center in Miami.


The blast was so jolting, pictures hanging on the wall of a neighbor’s home shifted.


At this hour, the townhome is considered a crime scene while detectives obtain a search warrant.


UPDATE:  As Martin County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Detectives and DEA Clandestine Lab Agents originally suspected, the explosion that happened inside a town home at 3395 SW Sunset Trace Circle last night, was a butane hash oil explosion.


The occupant of the home, 27-year old Kevin Patrick Hubbard, sustained serious burns to his body when the hash oil he was making caught fire.


Despite his injuries,  detectives say Hubbard tried to hide the 582 grams of marijuana, multiple cans of butane, and other items used to make BHO, before deputies arrived.


The blast was so powerful, it blew the home’s sliding glass doors off the tracks.


Hubbard was flown to a Miami burn center with serious injuries. Once released, he will be charged with Manufacturing Hash Oil, Arson, Possession of Cannabis over 20-grams and Possession of Hash Oil.

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