Palm Beach Post: Martin County’s lame duck faction still doing favors for friends

Sally Swartz of The Palm Beach Post


From the Palm Beach Post’s Sally Swartz: “After voters tossed two of its three members in the Aug. 14 primary election, the Martin County Commission majority is not leaving quietly. If Tuesday’s meeting is any indication, the Doug Smith-Patrick Hayes-Ed Ciampi trio intends to reward and protect supporters right up until Mr. Hayes and Mr. Ciampi depart after the Nov. 6 election.”

Swartz continues her blog: Voters rejected Mr. Ciampi and Mr. Hayes, who will be looking for work in a few weeks. And Mr. Smith, who only was returned to office because two slow-growth candidates running against him split the vote, soon will be a powerless, one-man minority.  It’s no surprise their new motto is “Do it now.”

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