Palm Beach Post: Martin County plan for airport custom facility a money-sucking nuisance

Commission Chair Sarah Heard said the airport manager’s projections for aviation and boat traffic that will use the customs facility are flawed…Commissioner Ed Fielding joined Heard in suggesting the proposition be put on the November ballot for voters to decide. “We can do that for free,” he said. “It’s the right and responsible thing to do.” 

Award-winning blogger of The Palm Beach Post, Sally Swartz, details the recent vote on the airport custom facility: Commissioner Anne Scott, on whose vote the project hinged, did another flip-flop Tuesday and approved it.

Scott said she knew her vote would “disappoint those whose good opinion I value.”

She voted for the facility, she said, “not because I think it is a good idea, but because I believe it’s the right thing for this government to do.”

That left her supporters puzzled about the logic behind her decision. How can a bad idea be the right thing for the government to do? She did not answer an email seeking clarification.

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