Palm Beach Post: Martin Commission gets chance for do-over on airport customs facility

The pilot of a twin-engine Cessna was injured in a crash near US 1 in Stuart, March 14, during an attempted landing at Witham Field. He avoided hitting several homes as his plane was crashing, authorities said. (Source: Palm Beach Post)

The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz, details the last Martin County Commission meeting:  Every once in a while, representative government works: The elected representative listens to the residents who voted for her (or him) and acts accordingly.

Martin County Commissioner Anne Scott made it work last week when she reversed her vote approving a controversial customs facility at the county’s airport, Witham Field.

Martin residents bombarded Scott and Commissioner John Haddox with e-mails urging them to change their minds after they broke campaign promises and voted for the customs facility at a Mar. 4 meeting.

“This doesn’t mean I’ve changed my mind (about the customs facility,)” she said.

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