Palm Beach Post: Lawsuit against Hurchalla just legal harassment

Like all SLAPPs, this one is not about winning. The idea is to wear down the target with mounting legal bills and the stress of dealing with court procedures. A developer with deep pockets aims to silence critics and scare off other opponents. Some states have laws to protect residents from SLAPPs but Florida isn’t one of them.


From The Palm Beach Post’s award-winning blogger, Sally Swartz: Lake Point, a controversial 2,200 acre chunk of land in western Martin County, for a decade has drawn schemers who want to make money from it. Now Lake Point is tangled in lawsuits and involved — again — in a county commission election.

It also persists in a Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation — SLAPP — against former Martin commissioner Maggy Hurchalla. Last week, Hurchalla appealed on a website,, for help paying almost $100,000 in legal bills.

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