Palm Beach Post: Flooding leads to increased oversight at FPL St. Lucie nuclear plant

View of the St. Lucie nuclear power plant, a twin nuclear power station located on Hutchinson Island. Both units are Combustion Engineering pressurized water reactors. Florida Power & Light commissioned the station in 1976 and continues to operate the station. The plant contains two nuclear reactors in separate containment buildings. However, the plant does not have the classic hyperboloid cooling towers found at many inland reactor sites; instead, it uses nearby ocean water for coolant of the secondary system. (Source: The Palm Beach Post)


The incident is part of three violations of Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations the agency cited in its decision to ramp up the oversight and inspection of the Unit 1 reactor.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission also assessed a Severity Level III violation against FPL for failure to provide the NRC with complete and accurate information on the condition of the flood barriers at St. Lucie.

Florida Power & Light Co.’s St. Lucie Unit 1 nuclear reactor is under increased federal oversight after the company’s failure to comply with stricter post-Fukushima regulations …

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