Palm Beach Post: All Aboard Florida reps get earful from Martin residents at meeting

Sally Swartz of The Palm Beach Post


Award-winning Palm Beach Post blogger, Sally Swartz, details the recent All Aboard Florida open house in Stuart:

Lisa Standley, with the firm running the open house, said the feds’ head count relies solely on sign-in sheets. There are a couple sheets with a few signatures on a table at the entrance to the room, but no one tells residents they must sign in to be counted. Why not?

“Thanks for telling me about this,” she said, walking away.

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, who has led opposition to All Aboard Florida, is surrounded seconds after he walks in the door. State Sen. Joe Negron seems less popular; particularly after the recent revelation that his law firm supports it. Stuart Mayor Troy MacDonald is there, along with Martin commissioners Sarah Heard, Ed Fielding, Anne Scott and John Haddox. Both city and county governments oppose the proposal.

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