Owner of neglected horses on Indiantown property arrested, charged with animal cruelty

Lonise Thomas, also known as Buck Thomas, was brought to the Martin County Jail today. He has bonded out. (Source: MCSO)

From MCSO: The owner of 11-horses that were voluntarily surrendered in poor condition to an equestrian rescue earlier this week, has been arrested.

57-year old Lonise Marvin Thomas of Okeechobee County, was arrested on a warrant for one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. That charge came with a $50,000 bond. The single misdemeanor animal cruelty charge was specifically related to one horse that appeared to be in the worst condition. The 14-year old horse was severely malnourished and suffered from rain rot, hoof and leg problems.

ERAF, the non-profit rescue facility caring for the horses is having all of the animals evaluated by veterinarians so they can properly rehabilitate them.


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