Owner of McDonald’s in Stuart apologizes for flying upside-down flag

(Source: CBS12)

From CBS12: A Treasure Coast veteran is outraged after seeing the American flag flying upside down outside a McDonald’s on U.S. 1 and Johnson Avenue.

An upside-down flag is the official sign of distress and the flag wasn’t being flown properly.

Ben Gilbreth, a local Air Force veteran, said “It basically offends everybody who is an American.”

“They had enough time to put the golden arches up right, they should’ve had the time to put the American flag up right,” Karen Gilbreth said.

The couple stopped and asked an employee to fix the flag.

“She said I know about it, I know about it and she sort of waved my wife away,” Ben Gilbreth said.

For the complete story: http://cbs12.com/news/local/upside-down-flag-in-stuart-prompts-confrontation

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