OMG: Drug dealer trying to score mistakenly texts MCSO Narcotics Captain

When 29-year old William Lamberson of Port St. Lucie wanted a “hook up”, he began texting friends, or so he thought.

It turns out, Lamberson’s misdial connected him to someone who knows all too much about illegal drugs.

Unbeknownst to Lamberson, he was mistakenly trying to score with the Captain of the Martin County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit.

Although a friendly face to face didn’t happen overnight, Lamberson continued his electronic dialogue, and eventually, a controlled cocaine transaction was underway.

On September 1st, Lamberson thought he was meeting his “hook up”, so he could sell some cocaine, instead, he was greeted by MCSO’s narcotics detectives.

He was arrested, and charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell.

It’s probably a good time to let Mr. Lamberson know that he had the wrong number.

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