Off-duty Martin Sheriff’s deputy unknowingly walks in on gas station robbery



The suspect had a gun, which was later determined to be fake. (Source: Martin County Sheriff’s Office)

One man is in custody after an off-duty Martin County Sheriff’s Deputy unknowingly walked into a gas station, while a suspect had two clerks at gunpoint.

It happened just after 10pm, when Deputy Matt Fritchie walked into the Chevron gas station on Lost River Road in Stuart, to make a purchase.

He immediately noticed that the clerks appeared nervous about the man standing in front of them.

The suspect made no attempt to turn around and make eye contact with Deputy Fritchie, so he walked up behind the man, and took immediate action to initiate a take down.

Deputy Fritchie was on his way to begin night probation checks.

He stopped at the store to purchase sunflower seeds, before beginning his checks.

He had no idea the store was being robbed.

The suspect, 24-year old Dominique Pierce of North Carolina, was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

He has an extensive criminal history including assault with a deadly weapon with serious injury, assault with injury, and robbery.

A vehicle with out of state tags was found parked behind the gas station.

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