NEWS FLASH: Extreme Sports amendments denied 5-0 by Martin County Commission

The Martin County commission voted unanimously this evening to reject the Extreme Sports amendments.

The applicant initially requested a delay, asking to table the matter until the September 11 meeting in order to provide time to get the PUD application in order to be considered simultaneously with the final vote on the comp plan amendments.  When that failed to generate any support from commissioners, Don Cuozzo proposed that the commission consider revising the amendments to approve a Expressway Oriented Transient Commercial Service Center designation for the 30 or so acres immediately adjacent to Bridge Road.  This, of course, would increase the value of the property by changing at least 30 acres from agricultural to commercial but would eliminate what had been previously promoted as the key feature of the land use change: the water ski and wake-boarding park.

That proposal also failed to gain support from the commission.

After hearing limited public comment – as it was apparent that the amendments were going to be denied – the commission voted on Sarah Heard’s motion to deny the amendments, seconded by Ed Fielding, and unanimously rejected Extreme Sports.  

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