New Florida laws take effect July 1 that allow toxic waste, sewage to be dumped, poured, and buried

(Cartoon: The New Yorker)

According to AllVoices, Governor Rick Scott signed several bills at the end of the 2013 legislative session that allow toxic waste and sewage to be dumped, poured, and buried all over Florida.

The primary beneficiaries of the new Florida laws are construction, mining, and oil and gas companies, which will not have to incur additional costs for safe and responsible disposal of their toxic waste and chemicals. They will also reap the rewards of lower fees for permits, and access to environmentally sensitive lands and wildlife habitat that were previously off limits to commercial development.

The provisions of SB 444, SB 682, and HB 999 take effect on July 1 and include forcing landfills that previously banned toxic waste to accept asphalt, combustible petroleum waste, cement products, plastic paints, insulation, and other poisonous chemicals. More wastewater will be discharged into waterways and the ocean surrounding Florida beaches, and fewer requirements for transparency by polluters.

Local governments who might attempt to deny commercial developers’ permits on environmentally sensitive lands will have less freedom to control their cities and towns.

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