Must-see video: ‘No Plan B’ for South Florida Water Management District’s misinformation



The Indian River Lagoon and the Everglades got kicked in the stomach last Thursday by the Governing Board of the South Florida Water Management District.
This short video by Kenny Hinkle Jr. captures what happened when the Board not only refused to buy land to send the water south – they irrevocably cancelled the option agreement with US Sugar even before it ran out.
The next step is to get everyone in the State of Florida to call their legislators and tell them to join Sen. Joe Negron’s intiative to put $500 million of Amendment 1 money into land acquisition.
Amendment 1 was about buying land.
The legislators and the Governor are trying to do everything else BUT buying land with the revenues from Amendment 1.
Regardless of what happened to the US Sugar option, we can’t let them turn Amendment 1 into a slush fund for legislators.

Besides calling your legislators, send this on to eveyone you know.

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