MSN: Index names Martin County ‘Best Retirement Community in US’


No. 1: Martin County, Florida
Population: 147,786
Most Populous City: Palm City
Retirement Index: 100.00
Care Score: 92.5
Housing Score: 93.8
Convenience Score: 95.1
Entertainment Score: 69.6
Community Score: 83.9
(Source: MSN)

This list contains the community in every state with the best Retirement Index, for every county across the U.S. based on five factors scaled from 1-100. The states are ordered from the lowest score to the highest score. Unsurprisingly, the top community is in Florida…and it’s Martin County.

  • Care Score (quality of local hospitals, nursing homes and home health centers)
  • Entertainment Score (amount of universities, recreational facilities, libraries and parks per capita)
  • Convenience/Transportation Score (WalkIQ and grocery stores/restaurants per capita)
  • Community Score (high percentage of population over age 65 with college degrees)
  • Housing Score (market health score, median sale price, HPI forecast, high percentage of properties with rent under $1,500/month)

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