Motley Fool: How much is Tiger Woods worth?


Tiger Woods is no longer the superstar he once was on or off the field. However, he has tried to rebuild his financial empire by signing new endorsement deals in recent years, including an $8 million-a-year deal with Indian motorcycle and scooter company Hero. However, while Woods isn’t exactly hurting financially, he’s a long way from his former peak. (Source: The Motley Fool)

Jupiter Island’s Tiger Woods is worth much less than he could have been, according to The Motley Fool.

Tiger has fallen a long way from the top in recent years. Rocked by a public infidelity scandal in 2009, the golf superstar has had not just his reputation tarnished, but he also has yet to regain his top form, He hasn’t won a major event since 2008.

Because of lingering injuries, Woods has only made the cut in seven of his past 13 events, which is a startling fall for a player who once made a record 142 straight cuts.

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