MCTimes endorses proven incumbent Ed Fielding for re-election to Martin County Commission

Commissioner Fielding has been a proponent of honesty and transparency in local government.

There are many letters to the editor supporting the re-election of Commissioner Ed Fielding; but noted local attorney and civic activist Virginia Sherlock best summarizes the important points in the Martin Couunty Commission race:

Before casting your vote for Martin County Commissioner (District 2), consider the record and character of each of the candidates.

Candidate Ron Rose supported Extreme Water Sports Park, a proposed commercial development outside the urban boundary; the horrific Renar project; the Jensen Beach Mooring Field which would have damaged vital seagrasses in the Indian River Lagoon; and the underused and overpriced Jensen Beach Community Center, along with other questionable developments.

Mr. Rose accused a long-time Martin County employee of stealing public property and lying. When his accusations proved to be untrue, Mr. Rose “apologized” by claiming he was given faulty information which he failed to verify. Candidate Rose supported a SLAPP (strategic litigation against public participation) suit against more than a dozen Jensen Beach residents who spoke against the Pitchford’s Landing project. And when forced to resign from the local Republican Executive Committee because he could not keep his oath to support all GOP candidates, Mr. Rose suggested that the loyalty oath should be reconsidered.

By contrast, Commissioner Ed Fielding is a founder and has been a sustaining force in the Rivers Coalition for many years. He organized the multi-jurisdictional Indian River Lagoon Collaborative to actively fight to protect our rivers and estuary. Commissioner Fielding has been a staunch defender of the urban boundary, rejecting Extreme Sports and other inappropriate commercial uses outside the USB. He is a driving force behind the broadband system which supports new business development in Martin County. He has strongly opposed All Aboard Florida.

Commissioner Fielding has been a proponent of honesty and transparency in local government. He treats even his harshest critics with courtesy and respect.

It’s no contest.

Ed Fielding has earned our votes for re-election to the Martin County Commission.

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