MCSO: Miami men give conflicting stories, attempted crime in the making in Martin County

Colome-Fernandez, Reinaldo Thousand-Thousand, and Reimer De-Banos, all from Miami(Source: MCSO)

MCSO Sergeant Rick Parks just wrapped up a busy night shift when he decided to make one more traffic stop before heading home.

The sergeant stopped a U-haul truck being driven by a Miami man with no driver’s license, and two of his friends, none of who could explain why their taillights weren’t working.

They claimed to be painters, but didn’t have any painting supplies, or couldn’t remember what job they were coming from or going to at 11pm.

The men’s conflicting stories got more twisted when they couldn’t explain why it takes a moving van to transport two bags of burglary tools (crow bar, gloves, bolt cutters) in a town they don’t live in.

36-year old Francisco Colome-Fernandez, 42-year old Reinaldo Thousand-Thousand , and 31-year old Reimer De-Banos, all from Miami, couldn’t keep their stories straight, but one thing is certain.

Martin County residents have been victimized by a number of out of town burglars over the past few months, and this appeared to have the markings of a crime in the making.

In the end, Colome-Fernandez, Thousand-Thousand, and De-Banos were all arrested and charged with possession of burglary tools.

They remain at the Martin County Jail. At this time, they have no bond.

Great job by Sergeant Parks and the midnight shift.

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