MCSO: Martin County double murder suicide timeline begins to tell clearer story

A timeline for the violent double murder suicide which took place earlier this week inside a mansion at the Stuart Yacht and County Club is starting to tell a much clearer story of what may have happened and why.

A still photo from video shows the suspected killer, 32-year old Robert Gulick, leaving his car at a Stuart plaza Friday afternoon. In the photo, you can see him carrying a bundle of clothing. Those appear to be the same items found at the mansion the day the bodies of 72-year old Gloria Bono and her son, 45-year Michael Bono were discovered.


Another photo shows Gloria Bono passing through the guard gate of the Yacht and County Club Sunday morning around 9:30am.

Robert Gulick’s body was discovered at a Stuart motel Monday morning. He barricaded himself inside the room. It appears he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Stuart Police also find Gloria Bono’s SUV parked at the motel. Gulick’s identification leads detectives to the country club where they learn that Gulick had frequent access to a vacant mansion, whose owner lives out of state. Detectives search the mansion and find the bodies of Gloria Bono and her son. Both were shot to death with what appears to be the same type of weapon used in the Gulick suicide.

Detectives learned that Michael Bono and Robert Gulick were friends, and Gulick knew that Bono carried large amounts of cash with him at all times. Sometime Sunday morning, it is believed that Robert Gulick made contact with Michael Bono, convincing him to come over to the vacant mansion, where Gulick, a hired handyman, had permission to come and go as needed. Detectives believe Gulick was already in the house when the Bono’s arrived. Gloria Bono’s involvement was nothing more than that of a driver. Michael Bono had a suspended driver’s license, so she frequently helped her son by driving him where he needed to go. Sunday, after Bono failed to get other acquaintances to drive him to the mansion, Glorida Bono drove her son to the mansion to see Robert Gulick. The Bono’s never left that home.

Detectives are still speaking to relatives and friends of the Bonos and Gulicks to obtain any last bit of information. At this time, it appears the motive for the double murder was robbery. Inside the hotel where Gulick’s body was found, were narcotics and a substantial amount of cash. Bono did not have any cash on him when his body was discovered, which family members say, was highly unusual.

The weapon involved in the murder, was the same type of weapon the mansion owner, who lives in another state, says she keeps in her home. Ballistic testing is being completed.

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