MCSO Code Red Alert: Increase in property crimes



From MCSO: The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has seen a notable increase in property crimes happening throughout our county, particularly in vehicle thefts.

Since January 1st, twenty-five vehicles have been reported stolen.

Several of those vehicles were later recovered in southern Palm Beach County.

Numerous auto burglaries have also been reported.

In many of these cases, vehicle windows were smashed out, and property was stolen.

The MCSO Crime Analyst has noticed an increase in the number of guns stolen out of vehicles either parked in parking lots during the day, or residential driveways overnight.

We are also noticing a slight increase in residentail burglaries as well.

Many of these burglaries can be attributed to traveling burglars.

This is a pattern we notice each year around this time.

The crimes are sporadic in location, time of day, and have no notable method of operation.

We would like to remind everyone to remove any valuables from inside your car and keep your car doors locked.

It’s always a good idea to keep your garage door closed when possible.

Make sure all of your guns and valuables are secured in your home, preferably in a safe that is bolted to the ground, and stay vigilant about what’s happening in your neighborhood.

If you see a suspicious vehicle or have a concern about something taking place in your community, please call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

We will respond as soon as possible.

Our crime analyst will continue to monitor and inform you of any notable activity.

A Code Red message has been set to go out to Martin County residents tonight.

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