MCSO: Alert tellers at Palm City’s Bank of America initiated a crime prevention chain reaction

(Source: MCSO)

A Miami man on a mission to steal $5,000 by attempting to cash a fraudulent check at a Palm City Bank, underestimated the skill of the players behind the counter.

The check that 31-year old Vicente Rodriguez of Miami presented to tellers at Bank of America on SW Martin Downs Boulevard immediately sparked red flags among bank employees.

For a good reason.

It was fraudulent.

The teller made a call that initiated a crime prevention chain reaction that was done so quickly, that the only customers Rodriguez got to see behind him, were the deputies who put him in handcuffs.

Vicente Rodriguez passed “GO” at the Martin County line, not imagining the the only thing he would collect was a jail uniform and a $50,000 bond. He remains at the Martin County Jail.

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