Martin’s oldest rape cold case closed after 25 years

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office reports that after 25 years, and confessing to raping at least 40 women, 60-year old Richard Gwinn will spend the remainder of his life behind bars.

A newly formed Major Crimes Cold Case Squad put into place by Sheriff William Snyder prompted Martin County Sheriff’s Detectives to re-open a cold case dating back to 1988. That case involved two women who were raped and terrorized inside their Martin County hom…e by Richard Gwinn who chose the victims at random.
For 25-years, Gwinn who was visiting Florida from Ohio when he committed the crimes, was able to evade detection for these rapes.
Once the case was re-opened, Detectives John Bowdoin and Janice Waltersdorff were able to locate trace DNA evidence preserved at the Indian River Regional Crime lab. That trace evidence positively linked Gwinn to the rapes.
Detectives went to Ohio, where Gwinn is serving time for a similar crime, and were able to obtain a confession. Gwinn not only confessed to the assaults in Martin County, but at least 40-other rapes throughout his lifetime.
He was brought back to Martin County where he was sentenced to two life terms to be served once he is released from the jail in Ohio.
Because of the good work of these detectives and prosecutors with our State Attorney’s Office, Richard Gwinn will never be a free man again. We are hopeful that his victims can finally begin the process of healing.

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