Martin urged to ‘hold fast’ against western growth

Harry MacArthur, owner of Hobe Sound’s Harry & the Natives Restaurant, wore a green “Keep Martin Country — Ranches, Orange Groves, Woods” T-shirt to tell the commissioners his customers oppose the proposed developments. “They’ll suck everything out of our town,” he said.

Susan O’Rourke, former unsuccessful candidate for the Martin Commission, said the resolutions seem “premature.”

Those who spoke in favor of the developments, Jupiter Island Mayor Harry Charlston said, “all work for developers.”

If Martin moves the urban boundary, Stuart Commissioner Troy McDonald said, “it creates difficulties for the city. We do have a lot of vacant space in the city, and it’s going to dilute the value of what we have.”

A few Stuart commissioners, notably Mike Mortell, had doubts about the resolutions. Mr. Mortell, who appeared to respond to gyrations and hand signals from Hobe Grove representative Tom McNicholas, tried unsuccessfully to postpone the vote to a future Stuart Commission meeting.

via Martin urged to ‘hold fast’ against western growth | The Opinion Zone blog | The Palm Beach Post.

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