Martin Health System implementing new questionnaire to track algae health impacts

Doctors have just started using a new questionnaire to help zero in on patients’ symptoms, and to help determine which ones are river-related. (Source: WPTV)

From WPTV: The Martin Health System is working to get a better idea of exactly how many people are getting sick because of blue-green algae exposure.

All patients that go to a Martin Health System emergency room, outpatient office or primary care physician will be asked if they’ve had recent contact, within the last seven days, with blue-green algae.

If they answer yes, they will be asked the following other questions:

  • What type of exposure? Skin Contact? Inhalation? Ingestion/swallowing? Consumption/eaten seafood from lagoon?
  • Are you having symptoms? Respiratory? Dermatological? Gastrointestinal? None?
  • If having symptoms, what the time frame between exposure and onset of symptoms?

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