Martin County’s drama for our times: The George Lindemann Jr. lawsuit against Maggy Hurchalla

Maggy Reno Hurchalla at the Reno family home in Kendall, FL,  2016. (Source: Eye on Miami)

From Eye on Miami: We’ve written at length about Maggy Hurchalla as one of Florida’s heroes.

Today Hurchalla finds herself finally with her day in court as defendant at the point of a long running lawsuit by Miami developer George Lindemann Jr.

This saga has all the elements of a morality play for our times. 

A woman tilting at the windmills of the powerful and wealthy. An environmentalist against the mercenary interests of Big Agriculture and rock miners and utilities, to speed the conversion of Florida’s environmental treasures to private, economic gain. The wealthy asserting the rights of property and business against the intrusions they allege to be illegal: the tortuous interference against their business contracts.

It is a sordid saga playing out in a county that, until Big Sugar decided to meddle in urban politics, stood for a kinder time in Florida, before sprawl developers commandeered the levers of state and local politics.

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